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Over ons | Suppliers Code of Conduct

At TRICONOR, we are strongly committed to conducting our business, transparent, ethical, with integrity and in compliance with the law that govern our operations. We combine economic success and social responsibility in our business operations. Our core values and guiding principles are essential to our business and key to our ambition to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. Our culture is strong, enthusiastic, flexible, dynamic and persistent with respect for each other and our environment. Commitment is everything. In our supply chain we expect our suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants and other providers of goods and services who do business with TRICONOR, to share the same commitment, work with us to fulfill that purpose and to use their best effort to implement these standards. We believe this joint commitment is a strong foundation for trusted business and long-term relationships.

Compliance the law & Governance. TRICONOR, as a responsible company, conducting business in compliance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We expect all our business partners to:

  • Be aware of and comply with these laws, standards and regulations.
  • Treat legal requirements as a standard and implement practices and procedures to ensure security of their supply chain under applicable regulations.
  • Implement effective management systems and a governance structure to facilitate compliance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations.


Ethical business. TRICONOR acts with integrity, honesty and complies with all anti-corruption, and anti-bribery laws. We seek business relationships based on trust, transparency and mutual accountability and respect. We expect all our business partners to: ​​​

  • Avoid conflict of interest, never offer or accept bribes, kickbacks, inappropriate gifts or hospitality or any type of improper services (money laundering) to secure business or personal advantages.
  • Ensure not to supply products that contain conflict materials to influence or finance armed conflicts, human rights abuse and violence from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.
  • Compete fairly and ethically, conduct their business in an honestly, open and friendly manner and act with integrity and transparency


People and labor. TRICONOR treats people with respect, dignity and fair compensations and working conditions. We protect our people from harm, take care of their well-being and safety. Provide a safe workplace free from harassment or abuse of any kind, unlawful practices or discrimination. We respect human rights. We expect all our business partners to:

  • Respect employees’ rights and privacy, be confidential and provide them with safe and healthy working conditions and fair compensations.
  • Protect human rights, fight forced labor and never tolerate child labor.
  • Create a workplace free of harassment and discrimination and protect the human rights of their employees and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Respect and protect data, privacy and confidential information including intellectual property, trade secrets or financial information.


Responsible and sustainable TRICONOR is aware of doing business in a responsible and sustainable way to protect our world for the next generation. Use energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and reduce waste, as well as emission to air, water and soil. Minimizing negative impact to environment. We expect all our partners to:

  • Reduce environmental impact by minimizing negative impact on biodiversity, climate change, gas emissions and waste, minimizing use of water and using resources efficiently.
  • Provide high-quality, safe and effective goods and services (manufacturing, storage and transport) according to all applicable requirements and in full compliance with our expectations.


It is our goal to build long-term, trust-based relationships with ethical and respectable partners. If there is reason for concern or a partner is unwilling to engage, we reserves the right to discontinue this relationship.

If you hear, see or suspect any concerns about illegal or improper conduct of business operations that could violate our code, please contact us. We handle the reports fairly and confidentially.

We are looking forward to work closely with our partners, striving for mutual interest and success.