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CHT collaboration with Triconor 2018

CHT Group is a worldwide operating chemical company with headquarters in Tübingen, Germany.
CHT is specialized in the silicone chemistry offering various customer-orientated solutions that will be implemented by their technical service team.
For paints and coatings CHT collaborates per 2018 with Triconor to offer their highly performing portfolio under the brand names Variphob, Hansa ADD and Agocel which includes:

  • Hydrophobic Agents 
  • Rheology additives 
  • Levelling and surface additves
  • Substrate wetting agents and defoamers

For more information please click here : CHT Product overview


Please contact us by phone at +31 (0)35 5380109 or e-mail to info@triconor.com for more detailed information.

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